Elegant & luxurious design

Our mission

Redefining quality standards in the fine plumbing industry. Since 2008, the Tenzo team has been developing powerful components and refined designs to offer you unique, solid and stylish products.

Just being “good” is not enough for us. We work to be the best. And to get there, we do not neglect any detail. From design to installation, through the manufacturing and packaging of our achievements, everything has been designed and made to give you total satisfaction.


Tenzo is building a solid reputation in shower column sales and quickly becomes a must in the industry.


The company innovates and becomes the first in Quebec to offer braided stainless steel pipes and high-speed hoses.


Creation of the Nissima concept, a type of high performance valve, unique on the market.


The company is launching the Evolo series, specifically designed to meet the needs of construction professionals.


Recipient of the European Award at the Interior Design Show in Toronto.


In order to meet the general demand, Tenzo adds T-Box type valves as well as numerous faucet collections to its available products